The application for a loan

A loan from your jobcenter- in some cases you have a legal claim to it. We will explain exactly when this is the case and how you do it best. There are even different types of loans the job centres have to grant. Do you know what they are?

Worth knowing when it comes to loans.

A loan is a certain amount of money borrowed from another person or bank. Larger purchases or financial bottlenecks mean that a larger sum of money is needed in one go. If you do not have reserves, you need to use borrowed money. In most cases, a certain percentage of interest is added to the borrowed amount. This is the profit owed to the person who lends you the money. A loan is repaid in monthly installments. The repayment runs until the loaned amount plus interest has been repaid to the lender. How long a repayment period lasts depends on the agreed monthly installments and the amount of the loan. In most cases, a loan is provided by the bank. But also a loan with a private person is possible.


If you borrow money from a friend or acquaintance, be sure to sign a written loan agreement. This should include the amount of the loan, the interest and the monthly repayment installments. Without a contract, the job centre can view your loan as income and deduct it from your Hartz 4 standard benefits.

Are there any requirements for a job centreloan? (according to SGB II)

With the low income from your standard rate, it is difficult for Hartz 4 recipients to build financial reserves. Unexpected purchases therefore hit you particularly dire. It’s hard to get a loan from the bank, because you don’t have any collateral without a permanent job. A negative SCHUFA entry can also be an obstacle. Finding a private person to lend you the money can be difficult and can also burden personal relationships. However, it is possible to take out a loan from your job centre. No interest is charged there either. However, strict guidelines apply here. Moreover, they are not granted for every reason.

Loans only for special emergencies

The Jobcenter does not consider all acquisition costs to be urgently necessary. If you do not need to make purchases or payments immediately from the job centre’s point of view, you will not receive a loan from the job centre. For example, a special emergency situation is considered to exist if the refrigerator or washing machine is defective and a new appliance has to be purchased. If for example the electricity bill has not been paid and there is a risk of the electricity being cut, a loan can also be granted. However, each situation must be considered as an individual case. The Job centre will decide itself when to grant a loan and when not to.

First of all, own financial resources must be used

A further prerequisite for a loan from the job centre is that no financial resources of your own are available. If you have your own savings you can use to pay the resulting costs, you must use them. Only if you don’t have reserves yourself and can’t borrow money from your family, will the job centre cover your costs.

That’s it in 5 steps:

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What are the deadlines?

You can submit an application for a loan to your administrator at any time. However, a loan will affect your current approval period as the monthly repayments after receiving the loan will be deducted from your Hartz 4 standard benefits in the following month.

What processing times do I have to be prepared for?

It is constituted by law that the job centre has up to 6 months to process an application. Only after this period can you sue for inactivity. However, the job centre knows that the loan is urgent for you. In most cases, processing is therefore much faster. It is best if you speak to your administrator personally and ask for a short processing time in your written application.

What do I have to enclose along with a loan application?

To get a loan, you must be able to prove that you are in need. The job centre therefore requires proof that the purpose of the loan is indeed urgent. If you need a new washing machine and apply for it, the job centre needs proof that the purchase is really necessary. You must also prove that you do not have financial resources of your own. Because you only get a loan from the job centre if you don’t have any reserves of your own.

What do Hartz 4 recipients need to know when repaying a loan?

You also have to pay this loan back to the job centre in monthly installments. The repayments already start from the following month of the payout. So when you get a loan in March, your repayments start in April. Monthly repayments are deducted directly from your Hartz 4 standard benefits. The job centre will no longer pay the entire amount of benefits, but retains a fraction of your benefits as a refund. However, the rates may not exceed 10% of your standard benefits. Higher repayment installments are not permitted. By the way, this also applies if you settle multiple loans with the job centre at the same time. In this case, the monthly installments for the settlement of loans cannot exceed 10% of your standard rate.


The job centre grants only interest-free loans. This is good for you, because it means that you only have to pay back the amount you actually borrowed. There are no additional costs for you.

Are there any special types of loan?

The job centre usually grants a loan for the following situations:

For irrefutable requirements

In case of unexpected purchases that have to be made, a loan can be applied for at the job centre . However, it is only granted if necessary to secure the basic requirements of the Hartz 4 receiver. For example, a loan can be applied for if a new refrigerator or washing machine needs to be purchased. This form of loan also applies if electricity costs have not been paid and there is therefore a risk that the electricity will be switched off. The loan is not granted if a piece of equipment is to be purchased for entertainment. The costs for this must be saved independently.

As a one-off special benefit

A one-time special service is a benefit that cannot be met by either multiple requirements or special requirements. The acquisition does not fall in either category, but is urgently needed. In addition, these are non-recurring costs that do not recur at regular intervals. In this case, the job centre can grant a one-time loan. These special circumstances include, for example, the purchase of a desk for a schoolchild.

For rent liabilities

Normally, the rent of a Hartz 4 recipient is covered by the job centre. It belongs in one category with the costs of accommodation, which are paid to the Hartz 4 recipient in addition to the monthly Hartz 4 standard rate. In some cases the rent is directly transferred from the job centreto the landlord. In this case, there won’t be a debt on rent. However, if rent liabilities are still incurred, a loan can be applied for at the job centre. However, this only applies if you otherwise lose your apartment and therefore risk homelessness.

For a car

Whether the job centregrants a loan for a car or the repair of a car depends on whether you need the car for your work. If you would lose your job because you can’t manage your commute in another way or you need the car to do your job, your chances are good. This is also the case if the prerequisite for a future job is owning a car. Whether and to what extent it is provided for a car depends on the individual case.

bridging loan

If you find a job or if you reach an age at which you receive income from the pension fund, you are no longer dependent on your Hartz 4 benefits. It’s still a difficult situation for you, though: You will always receive your standard rate from your job centre in advance for each month, but your salary and pension will be paid at the end of the month. This creates a financial gap for you because for one month you will no longer receive Hartz 4 benefits and no other payments. In order not to get into financial difficulties this month, you can apply for a bridging loan from your job centre. This is paid to you for the month in which you would otherwise have to live without income.

Have you already submitted your application and received a decision? Check now.

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