Objection against Hartz 4 notifications

If your Hartz 4 decision does not grant you the benefits you are entitled to, it helps to file an appeal. For example, if you are denied money or if the job center wants something back from you.

How do I do that?

You can disagree and oppose the job center’s decision. Here you should refer to points the job center has done wrong. Also the points that need to be corrected in order for your Hartz 4 notification from the job center to be correct. If your objection is successful, your decision will be corrected.

What are the requirements?

In order for you to file an appeal, your decision must be an administrative act. This means that the job center must have made a decision or regulation that has a direct impact on you. This is the case with a decision, whether approving or rejecting. There’s a lot of things you can disagree with:
  • Permit notice
  • Preliminary approval notic
  • Notice of rejection
  • Notice of amendment
  • Notice of annulment
  • Notice of annulment and reimbursement
  • Integration agreement as an administrative act
  • Sanction notice
Basic rule: Every notice from the job center must contain instructions on how to appeal. This notice of appeal must state that you have the right to object within one month and that the objection can be made verbally (to be recorded at the Job center) or in writing. If this notice of appeal is missing or incomplete, the time limit for opposition or legal action is one year.

How do I object correctly?

If you wish to file an appeal against your Hartz 4 notification, you must send your objection in writing to the Jobcenter or hand it in there. It can also be given verbally. The job center will then write down your criticized points. However, we advise against this possibility.


Experience has shown that objections or documents submitted verbally or without proof are quickly “lost” in the job center, so that you have no certainty that your objection will actually be decided.

What do you have to pay special attention to?

In any case, the objection must be addressed to your job center. It must also be recognizable that it comes from you. At best, you write down your BG number on the objection. This way, your request can be assigned as quickly as possible. In your objection, you should then pay close attention to the false statements made by the job center. In particular, whether they have miscalculated somewhere or which other mistakes were made.

Can costs be incurred during the proceedings?

The procedure is basically free of charge for you if you file an objection yourself. If you want to hire a lawyer, these costs can be settled via the counseling assistance. This way, there are no costs for you in the proceedings.


Use the lawyers of Hartz4widerspruch. de for an objection. They are always there for you free of charge.

How long do I have time to object?

Generally, you have one month to appeal against a Hartz 4 notification from the Jobcenter. This period begins as soon as you have received the notification from the job center.


Make a note of the day on which you receive the notification from the job center, preferably directly on your notification. If you do not do this, the job center assumes that you will receive the notification three days after creation. If the notification reaches you later, you can prove that way that you received the notification later and thus have more time.

What happens during the procedure?

If you have filed an objection, the Job center will review your application. All points are checked. If you have opposed individual points from your notification, they will be looked at again separately. Within the procedure it is possible that the Job center may ask for evidence. These verifications should prove, for example, that you are entitled to additional requirements or that the deduction of your income is incorrect. In order for your objection to be successful, you should always submit these documents and obtain confirmation of them.


We advise you to obtain written confirmation from the job center every time you submit documents. The job centers are often overloaded and neglect to keep your files and documents tidy. For this reason, it is always important to have proof that you have submitted the required documents.
During the objection process, the decision that your job center originally made remains in place. An exception to this rule is the notice of annulment and reimbursement. As soon as you object, you don’t have to pay back anything. This lasts until the objection has been decided. If the outcome is positive, you don’t have to pay anything back. If the outcome is negative, you will receive a payment request. If your objection is rejected, you should definitely consider taking legal action before the Social Court. We will help you with that. If your existence is threatened within the proceedings, there is the possibility to apply for interim relief. An example of this is when the job center no longer pays your rent and therefore you are threatened with homelessness. In such cases, the Social Court can order in expedited procedure that you receive all benefits until the proceedings are completed. At the end of the process, the job center will come to a positive or negative conclusion and your decision will continue to be valid or will be corrected in your favor.

How long do I have to wait for the result?

The job centers usually respond to the objection within three to five weeks. However, your job center has three months to decide.

Attention, please:

If the job center does not decide on this within three months, you can file an action for failure.

What are my chances of success?

The probability of a positive decision on your notification is high. The success rate of objections against the job center is close to 40%. The rate is not even higher because there are no independent decision-makers on the objections in the job centers.

What can I do if my objection has been rejected and I receive a notice of objection?

In the event of rejection, it is possible to sue before the responsible social court. During the process of the law suit, the points you raised are being addressed and reviewed once again. If new errors are discovered, they can be included.

Who can help me with my objection? Use the experts of hartz4widerspruch.de

Our attorneys of hartz4widerspruch. de have experience with thousands of objections. We know which issues have to be considered and which mistakes the job centers commit frequently. The chances of success of an objection against any kind of notice are promising. If you are not satisfied with your Hartz 4 notification from the job center, we will help you to enforce your rights so that you get all the benefits you are entitled to. The creation of the objection is free of charge at any time. If you have any other problems with the job center, we will solve them for you either. And here too, there’s no cost to you. We cover our costs via the counselling assistance. If you wish to object or have your decision checked, register on our website. We will help you with our job center shield and protect you from the arbitrariness of the job center; now and in the future.