Why would I file a review request?

If you have received a Hartz 4 notification, you can object within one month. If this deadline has expired, your notification is valid and therefore unappealable. However, it is possible that you will only find out after the period of 4 weeks that the job centre has made a mistake.

This is the case, for example, if you have not been awarded benefits that you should receive. It can also happen that existing services are cancelled or the job centre even demands something back from you. However, you can also defend yourself against these decisions after the objection deadline by submitting a request for review.

When is it appropriate for me to file a review request?

A received Hartz 4 notification is considered an administrative act as it has direct consequences for you personally. Every administrative act the job center performs and affects you may be reviewed by you if you feel it contains errors.

Good to know:

Jobcenters are obliged to inform you about your rights. This means that they must include a so-called instruction of legal remedy in each notification, which informs you that you are allowed to file an appeal within one month. If this notice of appeal is lacking, you even have one year to file an appeal or file a lawsuit. Only afterwards you have to go back to a review request.

How do I submit a review request?

There are no specific rules in which you have to submit the application. This means that you can inform your Jobcenter in written or verbal form (for recording in the job centre) of any deficiencies you have noticed in your Hartz 4 notification.

It is important for you to always contact the job centre that sent you the faulty information. This also applies if you have moved in the meantime and a different job centre is responsible for you now.

You must make sure that you specify exactly which notices you want to have checked. To make sure that this is clear, you simply enter the date indicated in the respective notification. You also need a short explanation of why you want to have this particular notification checked. If a review request is not filed correctly, it is difficult to take action against a rejection. Therefore, it is best to submit it with hartz4widerspruch.de.

Our advice:

In a written application or verbal request, you may lack evidence to prove you submitted the application to the job centre. Therefore, it is helpful if you have a third party that supports you in your project and can testify to your application.

That’s how it works in 5 steps:

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Does a review request have deadlines that I need to keep in mind?

Once you have submitted the review request, you can have your benefits reviewed retroactively for a year. However, the period is always counted from the beginning of the year in which the application was submitted.

How does the Jobcenter respond to my review request?

As soon as the request for review is received by your job centre, it will have 6 months to review the faulty notification. In this case, review means that the administrative act is examined for its correctness. The job centre can answer to your criticized points, but it can also refer to other points or go through the whole act in detail. During this process, you may be asked to provide certain evidence. This helps to prove, for example, that you have additional requirements or that your income has been wrongfully calculated. It is important for you to provide this evidence so that the verification process can proceed. Always get a written confirmation that you have submitted the requested documents.


It is important for you to know exactly what mistakes the job centre has made and what corrections you want to assert. If an error is found within the check that has a disadvantageous effect on you, your Hartz 4 decision can also be changed with negative consequences for you. With a good preparation this cannot happen to you however. hartz4widerspruch. de supports you free of charge with the production of a review request.

What can I do if the review request is rejected?

The job centre is obliged to check a faulty Hartz 4 decision. If you receive a rejection of your request for review, you can file an objection. Be sure to observe the stated deadlines.

You are also entitled to have the job center decide on the review within 6 months. If, after this deadline has passed, the job centre has not reacted, you can file an action for failure.

Who can support me in my review request? The attorneys of hartz4widerspruch. de help you free of charge

Good preparation of the review request is important for a successful outcome. Successful means the criticised administrative act, i. e. your erroneous decision, is no longer valid and a new judgement is made about your benefits. In order to achieve this, it is important to know the exact errors in the original decision and to be aware of the legal situation. This also protects you from nasty surprises if mistakes are corrected to your disadvantage. Since it can be difficult for you to keep an overview of the complete legal situation, good legal advice is important. We at hartz4widerspruch. de help you free of charge to check your decision, to identify the errors and to accompany you on the way to a successful review request.