The request for additional benefits

Under certain circumstances, Hartz 4 recipients are entitled to additional benefits. This is independent of your other benefits and therefore especially important. You might have an additional financial burden due to certain circumstances, the costs of which will have to be paid by the Jobcenter.

What is an additional demand for Hartz 4 recipients?
(incl. eligibility criteria according to §21 SGBII)

In addition to the specified Hartz 4 standard rate, which you receive as a Hartz 4 recipient, there are also additional benefits. However, these can only be applied for by people who find themselves in certain situations in which they are unable to cope with the standard rate. Which situations justify additional benefits is defined by law. The following situations justify benefits:

If one of the conditions applies to you, you are legally entitled to the extra benefit. It is not the job centre’s decision whether or not there is an extra demand. You have a legal right to it.

The amount of additional benefits depend on the Hartz 4 standard rate you receive and is set by percentages. For example, with a regular standard rate of 409 EUR and a 10% increase in demand, you will receive an additional payout of 40.90 EUR.


You can receive more than one benefit at a time if several of the conditions apply to you. However, the total payouts of your additional benefits may not exceed your Hartz 4 standard rate. With a standard rate of 409 EUR, you will not be paid an extra of more than 409 EUR.

Which types of additional benefits are there?

Pregnancy For a pregnant women can be applied for from the 13th week of pregnancy onwards.
Single parenthood For single parents, it is possible to apply if you are responsible for the costs and education of your child or your children alone.
Costly nutrition KFor costly nutrition, it is only possible to apply on account of certain illnesses.
Severe illnesses For severe illnesses, applications can only be submitted for certain illnesses.
Disabled people Applications can be made for handicapped people with disabilities, whether they are able or unable to work.

Step by step to my application:

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Who do I contact for an application?

If you are entitled to additional benefits, please indicate this when applying for Hartz 4 benefits. There is a separate form for each additional benefit, which you complete in addition to your main application.
If you have already submitted your main application or even received a Hartz 4 notification, you can still obtain additional benefits. All you have to do is hand in an informal letter to your job centre, which informs them of your needs. In both cases, please contact the person in charge.

In any case, you should always obtain a written confirmation that you have informed the job centre of your additional requirements.

What are the deadlines?

If you submit your additional application together with your main application, the same deadline applies as for its processing. This means that you will receive the extra demand from the month you apply for it. If you have submitted your main application and additional benefit form on March 30th, you will receive the Hartz 4 benefits plus additional demand retroactively from March 1st.
If you have forgotten to fill in your additional demand in your main application form, you will receive it from the month you informed the job centre about it.
For example: You will receive your Hartz 4 standard rate from 01.03. and apply for an extra demand on 30.04. Then you will get paid the Hartz 4 standard rate plus additional demand retroactively from 01.04.. But you won’t receive additional benefits for March.

What processing times do I have to be prepared for?

As with any application, the job centre has 6 months to respond to your request for additional benefits. If no payments are made by the job centre after this period, you can sue for inactivity.

What do I have to enclose with an application?

If you would like to receive additional payments due to increased demand, you must prove that you are entitled to it. Your duty is to prove your demand to the job centre. This means that, in addition to your application, you must also enclose a document that justifies this additional need. For example, this would be a medical certificate from your doctor about an illness or a disability certificate.

Have you already submitted your application and received a decision? Check it now.

You have already informed your job centre about your needs, but it is not yet mentioned in your Hartz 4 notification? Send us your message and we’ll check it for you free of charge. Our attorneys at hartz4widerspruch. de fight to ensure that you receive all the benefits you are entitled to.