The loyalty account


Bonus Hero - The loyalty account
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Collect points and get rewards

If you use our service, our partner lawyers will not only check your decision and correct any errors, no, you will also collect points and receive rewards. Success all along the line.

Check notification free of charge & collect points

And this is how it works


Set up an account (directly on the website or with the app) and submit at least one notification for review.

Akte anlegen

You can now collect points for the examination, but also many other things.

Bescheid korrigiert

You can exchange the collected points in the internal bonus shop for valuable items or vouchers.

You can collect points for this

10 PTS

Installing the hartz4widerspruch app

15 PTS

Activating Push Messages

15 PTS

Activating the newsletter

15 PTS

A referred friend registers

25 Pkt.

A referred friend checks a notification

50 PTS

A decision with correct BWZ is submitted for examination

25 PTS

You file a counseling request

?? PTS

Surprise for your birthday

How to get to your first points

App installieren - The loyalty account
Install the app and save the first 10 points.
Switch on - The loyalty account
Switch on communication. Push- and email notifications score points!
Switch on - The loyalty account
Bescheid hochladen - The loyalty account
Upload your first notification and collect the first 50 points. Bonus points will be awarded for each further notification.
Freund werben - The loyalty account
Invite friends and receive 15 points for each registered friend.
Freund werben - The loyalty account
Punkte einloesen - The loyalty account

Redeem the collected points for vouchers or continue to collect them for more value.