The disciplinary complaint

The complaint at the job centre allows Hartz 4 recipients to raise awareness of grievances. An important opportunity if the administrator does not do his job conscientiously.

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Who can file a disciplinary complaint?

Article 17 of the constitution states that every citizen may submit written petitions or complaints to the responsible authorities of the governmental representation of the people. If you receive Hartz 4 benefits or supplement your salary and you have problems with your job center administrator because he or she does not meet his or her obligations, you can file a disciplinary complaint with the job center. According to § 13 SGB X you can be represented by an adviser or a proxy.

When should a disciplinary complaint be filed?

There are various reasons for filing a complaint with the Jobcenter:

  • If your administrator lacks the technical qualification to think from your perspective and your professional field.
  • If your administrator does not exercise the necessary caution at work, for example, requested forms or receipts disappear.
  • If you don’t get the necessary support from your administrator, for example, you don’t get additional benefits although you are entitled to them.

If you are not satisfied with the work of your administrator, you should first have a personal conversation with him or her. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, the next possible contact person is the team leader of your administrator. Many job centres also have a customer response management system which is responsible for exactly such cases. In most cases, they report directly to the management of the job center. If that doesn’t help either, the last resort is the disciplinary complaint. This must then be processed by the head of the job centre and your administrator must make a statement to the effect. Finally, your case will be forwarded to the internal service of the Federal Employment Agency.

How can I file a disciplinary complaint?

The official disciplinary complaint must be filed in written form with your job centre. The important thing is that you have good reasons to complain about your administrator. Ideally, you should have written evidence of the misconduct. For example, if applications or forms are allegedly not submitted, but you provide the respective receipts that confirm the submission. Copies of the relevant documents must be attached to the disciplinary complaint.

When is it not possible to file a disciplinary complaint?

DThe disciplinary complaint is not an official legal remedy. If you do not receive the benefits from the job centre you are entitled to, you must file an objection and file a complaint if necessary. If you are unsure about this, you can send us your Hartz 4 notification and we will check it for you. If necessary, we will file an objection on your behalf and take the matter to court together. As a Hartz 4 recipient, our services are completely free of charge to you.