The community of needs

It constitutes a community of needs if several people live together in a household with Hartz 4 recipients who are able to work. The income and assets of all persons involved are taken into account and offset accordingly.

Who belongs to the community of needs?

  • All household members at jointly managed budget
  • Marital or marriage-like partner
  • Children under 25
  • Parents
All household members belong to your community of needs. The prerequisite is that the household must be run jointly. This joint management results in a special calculation of your Hartz 4 performances. You are financially liable for each other. A community of needs exists in the following constellations: When you live with your spouse, it constitutes a community of needs. This also applies to those who live in a “marriage-like” relationship. This can be assumed if you live with your partner for more than a year. Your children are also included if they are younger than 25 years of age and do not have income or assets. Your or your partner’s parents, if they live in your household and you have not yet reached the age of 25 and are unmarried and able to work.

Who does not belong to the community of needs?

  • Flatmates
  • Children older than 25
  • Married children
  • Children with their own income
  • Grandparents, grandchildren, foster children
  • Foster parents and other relatives
The flatmates of a mere flat-sharing community do not belong to the community of needs. In a flat-sharing community there is no joint management and the flatmates are not liable for each other. Here everyone runs their own household next to that of the other flatmate. The community does not include children over 25 years of age, married children, children who support their own children, children with their own income, grandparents, grandchildren, foster children, foster parents and other relatives and relatives of the Hartz 4 recipient, even if they live in your household.

How is the demand calculated in a community of needs?

The formation of a community of needs means that the income and assets of the entire community are offset against the standard requirements. This can lead to significant deductions in benefits. For example, if a person is employed in a marriage-like community and has a fixed income, this can lead to the partner no longer receiving social benefits. If you have problems with your community of needs, we will be happy to check your request – free of charge.

And what is a temporary community of needs?

Do you share custody with the mother/father of your child but do not live with him/her? Your child still lives in both households? Then you are as a Hartz 4 recipient in a temporary community of requirements. Your Job centre will then calculate a proportional entitlement to your benefits. You could be entitled to an extra demand for single parents.

Is there a standard rate for a communities of needs?

Yes, there is a standard rate of EUR 368 per person in a joint household. This standard rate applies to a community of needs (BG) with two beneficiaries. The children’s standard rates are not subject to any reduction and are therefore current:
  • 0 to 5 years: EUR 240
  • 6 to 13 years: EUR 296
  • 14 to 18 years: EUR 316

What else do I have to keep in mind for communities of needs?

The legislature assumes that members of a BG support each other and thus also financially support each other. This means that not only the applicant’s income, but also the income of all members of the BG is pooled. The consequence? Possibly deductions to your social benefits. However, there is no legal right to liability if you are not married.


The applicant may under no circumstances name the roommate as a partner in a marriage-like or partnership community. Members of a BG are therefore subtenants or roommates.

Who can help me to ensure that my official notification includes my community of needs?

In order to make sure that the community is properly included in your notification, you should get competent help. The lawyers of hartz4widerspruch. de already have a lot of experience with communities of needs and their credits. Frequent mistakes the job centres make are in the composition of a community of needs. We are experts in enforcing your rights and guarantee you the benefits you deserve. The cooperation with hartz4widerspruch. de is free of charge at any time. If you have any other problems with the Job centre, we will also solve those for you. And here too, there will be no cost to you. We cover our costs via the consulting assistance. We take care of the unpleasant communication with the Job centre and get the maximum benefits for you. Come to our website. We will help you with our Job centre shield and protect you from the arbitrariness of the Job centre, now and in the future.