Request for exemption from the GEZ fee

There is the possibility to be exempted from the broadcasting fee (currently EUR 17.50 per month). Namely when you are in financial distress. The recipients of Hartz 4 are included in this category, as they usually have to live at the subsistence level.

Do not pay a GEZ fee: That’s how it works.

Get rid of the annoying GEZ fee with our online application form. The problem is almost as old as television itself. One does not use the offer of the public broadcasters and nevertheless one is forced every month to pay EUR 17.50 to the GEZ. Especially for people with low income this is a hard blow to the account, because they have to manage with a particularly small budget. With the online application for exemption from the obligation to pay broadcasting fees, you now have the opportunity to get rid of the annoying compulsory levy. It doesn’t matter whether you are already a contributor or want to register your apartment again. Just fill in the form, sign it and mail it to the GEZ. In the future, you will decide which program you are going to pay for and not the government. By the way: you can also be exempted from the broadcasting fee retroactively – up to three years is possible.

Increase of the GEZ fee 2018?

ARD head Ulrich Wilhelm recently called for an increase in the compulsory levy. One needs more money for a better program, he said. The billions in profits that GEZ is currently making would not be enough for this. It is a fact that the quality of public broadcasters’ programmes has continued to decline in the past. Sports fans in particular will notice this. The broadcasting rights of the national soccer team’s European and World Cup qualifying matches were lost to RTL, and the rights to live broadcasts for the Olympic Games in the years 2018 to 2024 were also lost to the American corporation Discovery. An increase in the contribution would therefore be an absolute insolence.