Payment of relocation costs for Hartz 4 recipients

For Hartz 4 recipients, it is possible to apply for the costs of moving house to be covered by the job centre. In which cases the job centre will help you financially although in individual cases it has sometimes refused to.

These relocation costs are covered by the Jobcenter

The costs for a relocation are covered by the municipal service provider (job centre) in two cases – at the instigation of the job centre (forced relocation) and for personal reasons (voluntary relocation). The coverage of costs must be approved by the job centre beforehand and must always be kept as low as possible. Even in the event of a forced relocation ordered by the job centre, the costs must be approved in advance. The applicant must therefore obtain several offers. Double rentals, i. e. rents for two apartments in the transitional period, are generally not covered.

Relocation ordered by the Jobcenter

If the relocation is ordered by the Jobcenter, for example because your accommodation costs are not reasonable, the costs for the relocation will be covered. However, an application for payment of the relocation costs must still be submitted and approved.

Voluntary move

Even in the case of a voluntary move, the cost of the move can be covered by the municipal service provider. Whether the respective application is approved or not, depends mainly on the reason for the move . The following reasons usually lead to an approval:
  • The landlord has terminated the previous rental agreement
  • The tenant has found a job in another city/town
  • Increased housing requirements due to pregnancy/children
  • The apartment is no longer habitable (e. g. due to mould)
  • Divorce
The following reasons are not accepted as reasons for moving:
  • Moving out of the parental home before the age of 25
  • The prospect of a workplace in another city
  • Remediable rental defects

Who has to carry out the move?

The move must be carried out within the framework of self-help, i. e. it must be organised by yourself. The costs for this, e. g. for the rental car, are covered by the job centre. The costs must be kept as low as possible, to this respect two settlement offers must be submitted with the application. If those tenders are not attached, the application may be rejected. If self-help cannot be provided for health or other serious reasons, a moving company can be engaged for the transport after presentation of a medical certificate. To ensure this, 3-4 offers from different providers must be attached to the application, from which the cheapest one will then be approved and the costs covered. Just as in the case of self-help, the moving company may be rejected if the application does not contain the offer.

How to apply as a Hartz 4 recipient for the payment of moving expenses

The application for payment of relocation costs must be submitted in writing to the relevant job centre. In the case of self-help, the respective offers, e. g. for a rental car, must be attached to the application. If self-help cannot be carried out, a certificate must be attached informing about health reasons. At you can easily create your request for the payment of the relocation costs. The application will then be sent to your e-mail address.