Hartz 4 standard rate 2019

The Hartz 4 standard rate is the starting point, which to a large extent determines how high your demand is at the end. We will show you how the standard rates are calculated and how high they are.

What does the standard rate consist of?

The calculation of the standard rate according to the standard rate determination law includes nutrition, clothing, personal hygiene, household effects, energy (excluding heating and hot water production). Also various personal needs of daily life. According to the second social security code, the personal needs of daily life also include a “justifiable degree” of participation in social and cultural life in the community. Not included in the standard rate are costs for accommodation (rental charge + additional costs) and heating. These are paid by the job centers in addition to the regular requirements if the rental costs are “reasonable”. The regulations for this partly vary from city to city. Find out more here.

What does the Hartz 4 standard rate consist of?

Food and non-alcoholic beverages:

This is the largest item in the standard rate at EUR 147,65. It is designed to provide food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Leisure, entertainment, culture:

The EUR 40.63 are intended for your leisure activities and hobbies. You can go to a cinema or museum, for example.


EUR 37.87 for Internet, telephone connection and mobile phone contract.

Housing, energy, living maintenance:

From this item of EUR 37.55 your electricity costs are to be covered above all. Small household repairs also have to be paid for.

Clothing shoes:

This part EUR 37.11 is intended for new clothes and shoes, especially for the change of seasons. During pregnancy, you don’t have to cover the cost of maternity clothes from your regular benefits. In this case, you’re entitled to a pregnancy kit.


The EUR 35,29 are for bus and train tickets. Most transport companies offer discounts for ALG 2 / Hartz 4 receivers.

Other goods and services:

These EUR 32,99 are intended for your free disposal.

Interior decoration, household appliances and articles:

The money can be spent on vacuum cleaners, toasters, plates, etc. for example. Since household electronics usually exceed the value of EUR 26.10 by far, it is advisable to partly save this money.


EUR 16,09 are for personal hygiene, body care and cleanliness.

Accommodation and restaurant services:

For restaurant visits or hotel costs EUR 10,35 per month are at your disposal. Since the cost of this would normally exceed EUR 10.53, it is advisable to save some of this item, if you use these services at all.


The smallest part of the Hartz 4 standard rate is EUR 1,08. This should be used to pay for books or educational offers, e. g. in adult education centers.

Of course, in the end you are free to choose how you want to spend your money. Every person is different and has different needs. This chart only shows how the Federal Government calculates the amounts.

What are the standard rates?

The different standard rates are divided into six so-called Standard rate levels:

Hartz 4 standard rate level 1:

The “normal” Hartz 4 standard rate monthly is EUR 424. This standard rate applies to all adults entitled to benefits who, as single or single parents, run their own household.

Hartz 4 standard rate level 2:

Whoever has been assigned to this requirement level receives EUR 382 per month. This applies to adults entitled to benefits who, as spouses, partners or in a marriage-like or partnership-like community, have a joint household.

Hartz 4 standard rate level 3:

At this level, the standard rate is EUR 339. The category mostly classifies adults entitled to benefits who are aged between 18 and 24 and are still living in their parents’ homes.

Hartz 4 standard rate level 4:

In accordance with the fourth standard rate level, EUR 322 is paid monthly for young people from the beginning of their 15th to the age of 18 years.

Hartz 4 standard rate level 5:

Eligible children from the beginning of the 7th to the age of 14 years receive EUR 302 per month.

Hartz 4 standard rate level 6:

Finally, the sixth standard rate level applies to children up to the age of 6 years and amounts to EUR 245 per month.

If you don’t get the right standard rate level or your official notification might be wrong for some or other reason, we will be happy to check it for you free of charge. It is also important to keep an eye on the current standard rates.

On the basis of which data are the amounts calculated?

The Regular Demand Determination Act (RBEG) § 28 SGB XII specifies in Germany how high the standard rates for Hartz 4 recipients are.

Income and consumption samples from the Federal Statistical Office are used to determine the level of standard requirements. The data is collected every 5 years. 15 % of single households and 20 % of multi-person households are examined. The survey investigates what people in Germany spend their money on.

The price development of each individual consumer good deemed relevant is then examined. The sum of the goods amounts to the standard rate in the end.