Education package for children

The education package gives children of Hartz 4 recipients the opportunity to participate in school excursions or take part in leisure and educational activities through financial support.

What is the education package?

The children of Hartz 4 recipients should be given the same opportunities for personal and social development as all other children. This is why the Federal Government launched the education package in 2011. The education package is not intended to cover schooling needs, but is explicitly intended for participation in social life activities. That includes:

  • leisure activities
  • Lunch at school and kindergarten
  • school supplies
  • private tutoring
  • student transport
  • school trips
  • school excursions
  • kindergarten excursions

Who can apply for the education package?

The education package is intended for children and young people under 25 years of age whose families live on Hartz 4. Furthermore, the education package can be applied for if the family only receives housing benefit and not Hartz 4 or only receives child allowance.

What services does the education package include?

Leisure activities: For children under 18 years of age, a subsidy of EUR 10 per month for sports, leisure or cultural activities can be applied for. This is intended for membership fees, e. g. in sports clubs. The benefit does not necessarily have to be paid monthly. One-off payments, such as annual premiums, are also transferred. Travel expenses to the respective activities can also be covered.

Lunch in school and kindergarten: If your child is accommodated in a facility where the children eat lunch together and the food is provided by the facility, the job centre pays part of the costs. All you have to do is pay EUR 1 per day. The method of payment can vary from municipality to municipality and comes either in the form of vouchers or cash.

School supplies: EUR 100 per school year is granted to cover school supplies. These are divided into EUR 70 in August and EUR 30 in February. If the school year starts later, the costs will be paid later. You don’t have to apply for the costs separately, they are granted automatically. If you are not eligible for Hartz 4, because your salary is just above the Hartz 4 requirement, you can still apply for school supplies.

Learning support / tutoring: If the transfer of your child is at risk, you can apply at the job centre for payment of the costs for learning support or tutoring. This must be approved before use. The application must be accompanied by a certificate of the need to promote learning. This may be either the semi-annual certificate (with the words “transfer at risk”), a “blue letter” or a written confirmation from the class teacher. You also have to suggest where the learning promotion should take place, how many hours are needed and what it will cost. If you are unsure about this, contact your child’s class teacher. The payment is either made directly to the tutoring school or will be made available to you in the form of vouchers.

School transport: If there is no subsidy for school transport in your district and your child is dependent on public transport, you can apply to the job centre for reimbursement of travel expenses to the nearest school. In case of reimbursement, the amount will be paid out in cash. EUR 5 are usually deducted from your Hartz 4 standard benefits.

School trips and school/ kindergarten excursions: For school trips and excursions there are costs for travel, accommodation, meals and entrance fees. Since these are not included in the standard Hartz 4 benefits, you can apply at the Jobcenter for payment. It does not matter where the trip goes, trips abroad are also approved. However, it is important that the school regulations are adhered to. Not included is pocket money or expenses that have to be paid in advance, e. g. swimwear or hiking shoes. The application should be accompanied by the notification of the class trip and the bank information of the recipient (i. e. the school). The costs are paid either directly to the school or directly to the applicant. If you are not a beneficiary of SGB 2 benefits/Hartz 4, but cannot cover the costs of your child’s class trip, you can still apply for them because you may be entitled to supplementary benefits.

How do I apply for the education package?

Applying for the education package is not difficult. Simply fill in our application form. Once you have done this, you will receive your completed application by e-mail. All you have to do is print it, sign it and enclose copies of all necessary certificates and proofs. You can now submit your complete application at your local Jobcenter or send it by mail.

Important: When handing over the application in person, make sure to get a receipt of the application. If you send your application by mail, ask for a written confirmation or receipt in return.


  • The justified self-help money can be refunded retrospectively. It qualifies as justified self-help if, through no fault of your own, money could not be applied for or approved by the job centre in time and therefore the applicant has paid the money. This can be the case, for example, if school trips are scheduled at very short notice.
  • The EUR 10 for participation in socio-cultural life can also be saved from the beginning of the period of approval, e. g. for membership fees or youth clubs.