Change administrator at the Jobcenter

Occasional disagreements between the service recipient and the administrator may occur in interactions with the job centre. In such cases, the first step should be to seek a personal meeting. However, if the differences are too big you have several options. You can find out how to change the administrator here.

Table of contents

Who can change the administrator?

If, by receiving Hartz 4 or by supplementing your salary, you receive benefits from the job centre and there are valid reasons why you are dissatisfied with your administrator’s work, it is generally possible to change your administrator. According to § 13 SGB X you can be represented by an adviser or a proxy.

When should the administrator be changed?

The integration agreement creates a legally binding contract between the job centre and the job seeker, which is subject to the rights, obligations and expectations of both parties. As always in life, it can happen that the two contracting parties have personal differences which lead to unfulfilled expectations. In this case, the beneficiary must prove that there are good reasons to change the administrator.

How can the administrator be changed?

If the personal differences between you and your administrator are insurmountable, the first step is to file a complaint against your administrator at the job centre. If this is unsuccessful and you cannot change your administrator, you still have the option of filing a bias petition against your administrator with the head of your job centre according to § 17, section 1 of the SGB X (German Social Code). This request is justified by the following points:

  • Discrimination against recipients
  • bias regarding personal legal opinion
  • A friendly or hostile relationship with the applicant
  • Improper statements to the applicant
  • Personal or professional interest in the outcome of the proceedings
  • Economic interest in the outcome of the proceedings

If the request is approved, the administrator can be changed.

When should the administrator not be changed?

In the event that your job centre decision contains errors and you therefore receive fewer benefits than you are entitled to, it is not necessary to change the administrator immediately. It is sufficient to file an objection first and then file a complaint if necessary. If you have doubts about the legality of your notification, we will be happy to examine it for you. As a beneficiary you will receive all our services free of charge. There are no costs for you from the examination to the objection to the lawsuit.