Application form for exemption of dog tax

Unfortunately, man’s best friend is expensive. Not only do the purchase, feed and care of the animal cost a lot, the state also wants its share. That’s why a dog tax has to be paid. Especially for Hartz 4-recipients this makes the maintenance of a four-legged friend a problem.

The dog tax is an expense tax designed, for example, to cover the costs of disposing of dog excrements on the streets. Dog owners must report that they have acquired a dog after two weeks at the latest. The contributions are paid annually and are not cheap: Fees sometimes exceed 100 EUR, if one has more than one dog it becomes even more expensive.

Are Hartz 4 recipients exempted from dog tax?

There are divided opinions on whether Hartz 4 recipients have to pay a dog tax. In principle, social benefits are tax-free. This means that you should not be obliged to reimburse the state in the form of taxes from the benefits you receive from it. Nevertheless, courts repeatedly decide against the exemption of Hartz 4 recipients from dog tax. The explanatory statement: These taxes could be avoided by getting rid of the dog or not buying it in the first place. Unfortunately, there is no basic right that says that a person has the right to keep a dog. However, there are also court decisions which argue that keeping dogs falls under the freedom of action of man and must therefore be protected.

Who is generally exempted of tax?

There are various situations that justify a reduction or exemption of dog tax. This applies, for example, if you need a guide dog and use it for this purpose. Service dogs are also exempt from tax. If your dog is kept in the kennel or is an assistance or watchdog, a reduction can be achieved. However, a reduction or remission is only granted for the first dog. Unfortunately, the second dog always has to pay the full rate.

How high are the taxes and when am I exempt as a Hartz 4 recipient?

The amount of the tax is determined by your municipality. The same applies to whether and to what extent you are exempt from tax as a Hartz 4 recipient. We say: It is always worthwhile to complete an application. If the tax payment forces you below the subsistence level, your chances of an exemption are good.

An application must be made for the exemption from the dog tax

No reduction or remission will be granted without application. With our digital application form you can fill in the application directly and individually. It will then be sent to your e-mail address as a PDF file. Now all you have to do is sign it and send it to your local office.