Additional heating costs? Apply for cost assumption.

Once a year, the service charge statement is in the mailbox. Despite a thrifty lifestyle, this can mean an additional payment. But that’s nothing to worry about, your job centre has to cover it.

Your Hartz 4 benefits also include the cost of accommodation. These include the assumption of your rental costs, i.e. the cold and warm rent. Rental costs must be within reasonable limits set by your job centre depending on the region. The appropriate limits depend on the local rent index.

Who pays the heating costs?

The heating costs are part of the warm rent. That’s why they’re being taken over by your job centre . The usual procedure is as follows: The job centre transfers your full rent and you pass the money on to your landlord. In a few cases, the money is transferred directly to the landlord. For example, if the Hartz 4 recipient concerned has already used rent payments for another purpose in the past and has thus incurred rent debts.

Electricity costs are part of the standard Hartz 4 rate

Your electricity is not part of the cost of accommodation. This is to be paid by you from your Hartz 4 standard rate. Therefore you should pay attention whether you have a water heater or a gas boiler in your apartment. This means that you also heat with your electricity and you are entitled to an additional demand.

Why do I get an additional payment?

The utility costs are estimated by your landlord for the year and paid by you as a monthly advance payment. It can happen that you use more than you have paid for. This can be the case despite economical behaviour. For example, if it was a very cold winter, there was more heating than normal. Therefore the landlord settles once a year, if the paid utility costs and your actual consumption coincide. If you have used less than you paid, you will get a refund. But if you’ve used more than you paid for, you have to pay more.

Who will cover the additional payment?

Since the Jobcenter is responsible for the costs of accommodation, the additional payment must also be covered. However, the job centre can refuse to cover the costs if it suspects wasteful behaviour on the part of the Hartz 4 recipient and if the additional payment is unreasonably high. In this case, a loan is usually granted with which you can settle the additional payment. It will then be deducted monthly from your standard Hartz 4 rate.


An additional payment for electricity will not be covered by the job centre. Since normal electricity costs are paid from the Hartz 4 standard rate, the additional electricity payment must also be paid with it. However, if you receive an electricity refund, you may keep it.

WHow do I apply for assumption of the additional payment at the Jobcenter?

An informal application is sufficient for your job centre to pay the required additional costs. With our application form this can be done in a few minutes. You can enter your relevant data and receive the completed application as a PDF file via your email address. All you have to do is sign it and submit it to your job centre. If your job centre refuses to cover, our lawyers will be at your side.