5 reasons to have your Hartz 4 decision checked free of charge

You can find the button “Check for free” almost everywhere on our site. For good reason, we point out the errors in Hartz 4 notifications in our content on the subject of Hartz 4 and the job centre.

1. More than 50% of Hartz 4 recipients receive too little Hartz 4

With hartz4widerspruch.de we examined tens of thousands of notices of the job centre. The result for 15,000 Hartz 4 recipients affected: Every second notification is incorrect. We are not talking about formal typing errors but about mistakes that threaten the existence of the beneficiaries. It’s about money.

This includes both incorrect sanction notices, which result in a reduction of the Hartz 4 rate, and incorrectly issued approval notices or rejection and amendment notices.

Note: Every second Hartz 4 notification contains errors.

2. Appeal against Hartz 4 notification usually successful

As the Federal Employment Agency shows in its own statistics, an objection against a Hartz 4 notification is successful in more than 35% of the cases. We have an even higher success rate in the case of objections.

Interestingly, the success rate of sanction notices is much higher. Sanctions are subject to certain requirements that are often not met by job centre staff.

3. Examination of the Hartz 4 decision is free of charge

hartz4widerspruch checks all Hartz 4 notifications from the job centre free of charge. The date of the notification is important. The notification must be within the one-month objection period. The objection period begins on the date on which the notification is issued (date in the upper right-hand corner of the notification).

Tip: Notifications that are not within the objection period can still be reviewed up to 12 months after the date of issue as part of a review application.

4. Important document: the test report of hartz4widerspruch

We will provide you with a test report for each review of a notification. This report shows the errors committed by the job centre. By means of a traffic light principle you can directly recognize whether serious errors are present or not.

Advice: File the test reports to clearly document how the job centre evolves in your case. The job centre often makes the same mistakes several times in different notifications.

5. Opposition and legal proceedings without cost risk

There is no economic risk for you in the fight against the job centres. In every situation, the constitutional state has help for you. No matter if objection or complaint – there are no costs for you.

  • Appeal against Hartz 4 decision The state protects you from unexpected costs with the help of the counselling assistance. If the objection procedure is not successful, the counselling assistance certificate can be used for invoicing as a result of the counselling assistance application.
  • Legal action against notice of objection Legal aid is applied for in legal proceedings. As with counselling assistance, the costs will be borne by the opposition if the court decides in your favour. If it does not follow our opinion, the state will bear the lawyer’s fees.
Note: The review of the decision and also a subsequent appeal procedure is exclusively positive for you and does not involve any costs. Even better: A large part of future communication with the job centre will be handled by us. This will reduce your stress level.